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Adams - Time to move on

7 February, 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams speaking in Belfast today said: "It is time Irish politicians got down to the real job of repairing the damage to the peace process and of making progress. It's time to move on."

Mr. Adams said:

"The peace process is in severe difficulty. The process came to a shuddering halt in early December when the DUP refused to share power with republicans. That's the political reality.

"Can a way be found out of the current deteriorating crisis? If the governments and the parties believe this is possible then how can this be achieved?

"Attempts to put the process back together aren't being helped by mixed messages coming from Irish government ministers. They can't have it both ways - either the government believes that dialogue is the way to sort out the current mess or it doesn't. Either they oppose sanctions or they don't. Either they want to calm the situation or they don't.

"The accusation which is explicit in all of their statements is that Sinn Féin is not serious about the peace process. This is nonsense and they know it.

"I firmly believe that it is time to move on and republicans are willing to play our part. If the governments want to continue to have a row then Sinn Féin are mandated by our electorate to stand up for them. But when the row is over the outstanding issues will still have to be tackled.

"Republicans are not prepared to allow all of the work and progress of the last decade to be cast aside. The reality is that life for the people of this island, particularly in the north, has been transformed over the last ten years.

"The people of Ireland have put their hope in their political leaders to sort this mess out. Its time Irish politicians stopped attacking each other and got down to the real job of making progress. Its time to move on.

"The issues which negotiations tackled in December are the same issues that we need to find closure on now - implementing the Agreement, sorting out the issue of policing, restoring the political institutions and addressing the issue of armed groups." ENDS

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