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Gallagher welcomes Clonsilla-Meath Railway Report

8 February, 2005

Sinn Féin Fingal County Councillor Felix Gallagher has given an enthusiastic welcome to a Feasibility Study on the opening of the Railway Line from Clonsilla to the M3 Interchange at Fairyhouse.

Cllr. Gallagher said "This report clearly states that the opening of this line is economically viable. It is now up to all politicians and members of community to use this report to lobby the Department of Transport to have it implemented. The report indicates that four trains per hour during peak times will be available. This means capacity for up to 5,000 passengers per hour during rush hour. The benefits in terms of reduced congestion for the Clonsilla and Hansfield areas will be immense. It is projected that as many as 2 million passengers will be carried by 2016."

Gallagher did however express some concerns -- "A number of blockages remain in place, not least getting the endorsement by the Department of Transport. This project is also reliant of increased capacity at Connolly Station or the opening of Spencer Dock. I am also dismayed that none of the land of the old line is in possession of Ianrod Éireann, this will mean up to €35 million of public money will need to be spent to purchase the land alone. Also I am disappointed that the study was limited from Clonsilla to the Fairyhouse area. I would have preferred if it had gone all the way to Navan, as this would have a much greater impact on reducing congestion on the N3." ENDS.

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