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Sinn Féin National Chairperson to address Athens anti-austerity conference

19 March, 2016

Sinn Féin National Chairperson, Declan Kearney will address an international anti-austerity conference in Athens, Greece this evening titled -Alliances for Democracy – against Austerity in Europe.

 In his address Mr Kearney will tell those in attendance:

 “In global terms inequality has soared. It is a scandal that 1% of the world’s population should own more than 50% of global net wealth.

 “The world is also becoming an increasingly more unstable and dangerous place.

 “The refugee crisis exemplifies these realities. This international crisis is not some aberration. It is directly attributable to narrow, vindictive and self-serving political, economic, and diplomatic decisions taken mainly by Western power blocs, and their legacy of imperialist and colonial interests.

 “Now austerity has been adopted by international financial capital and its political allies on the conservative right as a new ‘shock doctrine’, to re-establish stability according to its strategic world view.

 “The economic and political elites who support the austerity agenda say it is the only way to stabilise the international financial system, and reduce the deficits which have bankrupted national economies.

 “But tell that to the people of Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Iceland and elsewhere.

 “Austerity is not about economic recovery. It is entirely about ideology, political control and creating a conservative hegemony.” 


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