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If Irish Government Opposes Sanctions Then They Must Prevent Them

8 February, 2005

Speaking as the Irish government met to discuss the latest report from the IMC, Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Belfast Gerry Kelly said that 'if the Irish government oppose sanctions then they will stop them happening'.

Mr Kelly said:

"I have read with interest the Taoiseach's remarks yesterday on the issue of the IMC and sanctions against Sinn Féin. The Irish Cabinet is meeting today to discuss this. In Sinn Féin's view it is not good enough for the Irish government to say it opposes sanctions. The Irish government created the IMC along with the British as a sop to unionists. The sole purpose of the IMC is as a vehicle to be used to sanction and exclude Sinn Fein from the process.

"If the Irish government are serious about what they are saying then as co-equal partners in this process it has to challenge the British government on this issue. If the Irish government is really serious about sanctions then it must block their introduction.

"Confrontation, exclusion, and criminalising an entire section of people are not the way forward. They haven't worked in the past and they will not work now.

" It the two governments want to see progress then they need to pull off this confrontational approach. If they are determined to subvert the Sinn Féin mandate then we will robustly and assertively defend ourselves, our mandate and the process." ENDS

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