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Political glass ceiling preventing All Ireland Economic Opportunity – Tóibín

22 March, 2016

Speaking after the launch of the ‘Modelling Irish Unification’ report launch this morning, Deputy Tóibín said:

“I warmly welcome the launch of this important economic research. Its empirical results are astounding. The report estimates that the economic benefits that would arise from the reunification of Ireland could total €35.6 billion in GDP for the island in the first eight years of economic unification. That’s an increase in GDP of €5,500 per person north and south over 8 years.

“According to the report we would benefit from the removal of barriers to trade, the potential political/governmental union, which would result in the elimination of duplicative government services as well as the exchange rate benefits from the adoption of the Euro in the North.

“It is predicted that over the long term, GDP per capital in the North would increase by 4 to 7.5 percent, while the Republic of Ireland would see a boost of 0.7 to 1.2 percent.

“Just last January I acted as rapporteur to the Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation Committee’s report on the All Ireland Economy. Shockingly this was the first report of its kind since the foundation of the state.     

“For me there is one simple key success factor that shines through the All Ireland Economy report. In order to achieve success, economies of scale and implementation of real benefit we need to plan, fund and deliver together.

“Despite having been published over four months ago, this this key economic report authored by international economic experts has been greeted by the Fine Gael Labour government with total silence. According to the authors themselves there has been no engagement from the government at all.

“In the immediate wake of the Good Friday Agreement there was real hope for the development of the All Ireland Economy. Unfortunately since then preconceived political ideology has put the brake on the economic opportunity of the island. It’s incumbent on the care taker government to take the recommendations of the All Party Oireachtas Committee Report on the All Ireland Economy and the analysis of the Modelling Irish Reunification Report and shatter the glass ceiling which is suppressing the economic opportunity of our citizens.”      

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