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Councils under pressure as Government fails to deal with housing crisis – Mitchell

22 March, 2016 - by Denise Mitchell TD

Sinn Féin TD for Dublin Bay North Denise Mitchell has called on the Government to realise the enormous pressure that councils, such as Dublin City Council, are being placed under and the inability to provide other essential services as resources are being diverted to cover the failure of the Government to deal with the housing crisis.

Deputy Mitchell said:

“There are many things that can be said about the housing crisis, but the fact that it is now the norm to see people bedding down in doorways can only be described as blatant evidence that this crisis is in fact, a national emergency.

“This emergency which affects children living in hotels, families, single mothers and vulnerable people has huge social and economic costs. 

“These costs are a direct result of the state’s and particularly the Fine Gael and Labour government to acknowledge that such an emergency exists and to then deal with it.

“The housing spend per citizen in Dublin City Council illustrates the almost impossible struggle facing the council in its efforts to house people.

“For example in 2016, Dublin City Council has an overall budget of €803m.  The expectation is that the Council will spend 35% of that on housing which is by far its greatest expenditure.

“What is important is that this figure has been rising every year yet in 2015, only 100 family homes were built. Indeed this year alone Dublin City Council will spend €523 per person on housing compared to the national average of €217 per person. 

“Obviously this has a knock on effect on the Council’s ability to provide other key public services, which has an even greater impact on already disadvantaged communities.  

“Post-election Fine Gael has said it misjudged the mood of the people and the levels of anger in society while Fianna Fáil act as if they had no part in creating the crisis.

“The solution to this emergency is a state-led national public housing building programmes.” 

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