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Sinn Féin call for an immediate halt to sale of NAMA vulture fund sale after Tyrrelstown scandal- Cllr Paul Donnelly

24 March, 2016 - by Paul Donnelly

Dublin West Sinn Féin Cllr Paul Donnelly has called on the caretaker government to immediately cancel the sale of NAMA residential properties to vulture funds. 

Cllr Donnelly said "I am shocked at the massive scale of this sell off by NAMA to vulture funds so soon after the disgraceful treatment of tenants from Tyrrelstown".

"I have spent the past two weeks with shocked residents in Tyrrelstown and have demanded that this government take action to support these people who face homelessness".

"To hear from news reports that there is a selloff in the region of €5bn is just incredible, these people have no shame and only swift government action will stop this now". 

"I sat and watched TD's from the caretaker government talk a lot about tenants’ rights, about social and affordable housing and how in four weeks Enda Kenny will have a new "Minister for Housing to deal with this crisis, despite five years of ignoring the pleas for action". 

"These properties must be investigated to ascertain how many would be suitable for social and affordable housing".

 "The ball is now firmly in the hands of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, if they drop it now, they will not be forgiven"

 "There is no more time for talk, the Dáil must be recalled and this fire sale must be stopped pending a new government being in place". 

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