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Storey calls on people to unite to campaign for Irish unity

26 March, 2016

Sinn Féin's Bobby Storey has called on all shades of progressive opinion to unite to campaign for Irish unity. 

Speaking at an Easter Rising commemoration in Coalisland, the senior republican said; 

"The Proclamation was a document of vision ahead of its time and still stands the test of time today. 

"It inspires us all to work for a united Ireland and promises that national independence will deliver true democracy, prosperity, equality and freedom. 

"100 years ago men and women came together across Ireland to strike a blow for freedom. They came from many different backgrounds; feminists, Irish language activists, trade unionists, nationalists, republicans and socialists. 

"But they shared the common desire to see a free, equal and democratic Ireland. We share that desire today. 

"History has shown us that when those who are engaged in struggle are united that we can build an unstoppable momentum for change.

"Together we can achieve our goal of Irish unity.

"Sinn Féin is uniting communities across Ireland; half a million people are now standing behind us. 

"I appeal to all progressive elements within society to join us on the road to reunification."

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