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Outrage as massive PSNI Search Operation Underway In Tyrone

9 February, 2005

Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty has tonight expressed his disgust and outrage after a PSNI search operation on two family homes outside Beragh in Co.Tyrone continued.

Mr Doherty said:

"The PSNI moved into two family homes in the Roscavey area outside Beragh this morning. They claimed in their warrant that the searches were part of the investigation into the Northern Bank robbery. Over 60 PSNI vehicles were involved in the initial operation.

"Already the outsides of the homes have been dug up and water supplies have been cut off. The wife of the man who owns one of the homes was prevented from travelling to work this morning.

"The PSNI are still there and have claimed that the operation will continue well into tomorrow. This operation is outrageous. It has nothing to do with the Northern Bank robbery and everything to do with intimidating and harassing the nationalist community. No doubt it will eventually end as all of their other searches relating to this robbery have in complete failure.

"This operation is part of the failed policing agenda of the RUC and clearly demonstrates just how far this force have to travel before they even approach being acceptable within the broad nationalist community."

Speaking from the scene of the PSNI operation this evening, local Sinn Féin Assembly member Barry McElduff said:

"The PSNI remain at the scene, their repression is ongoing. The families involved have been informed that the larger search teams will return in the morning. This is yet another example of the sort of political policing which has become associated with Hugh Orde and his force in recent times.

"Local people here tonight are angry at this operation and I have to say that they will be listening closely to the SDLP in the coming days as they seek to justify this sort of intimidation and terror visited upon these two families and the wider community in this area."ENDS

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