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Brexit conference to be held in Omagh on 15th April

8 April, 2016 - by Declan McAleer

West Tyrone Sinn Féin Assembly candidates Declan McAleer and Barry McElduff will host a conference in Omagh on the proposed British referendum on EU Membership (BREXIT). The conference will be addressed by Martina Anderson MEP.

 Mr Mc Aleer said:

 "Sinn Féin believes that Europe needs radical reform, however, we believe that a British withdrawal from the European Union (BREXIT) would have serious implications for Ireland.

 "For example, in rural areas like West Tyrone our farming and rural communities are reliant on EU support to survive. If this was axed, it would have massive repercussions for peoples lives.

 "Our representatives at all levels have been consistent in raising the implications of a BREXIT, with the possible re-emergence of border controls and the adverse effects it would have on the economy, trade, agriculture and infrastructural development across the island.

 “We also need to look at  the impact it would have for the hundreds of community and social projects that depend on EU funding for their existence.

 Mr McElduff added

 "This conference will take place in the Community House, Omagh on Friday 15th April at 7pm.

 “Its purpose is to look at the issue of BREXIT and how it could impact on the people and communities we represent.

 “We invite people from across a range of sectors including business, agriculture, rural development and community groups to come along.

 "The British prime Minister David Cameron has stated that a referendum is likely to take place as early as June 23rd 2016 and therefore it is imperative that people are made aware of the disastrous implications this could have for West Tyrone and Ireland. Therefore I encourage as many people as possible from all sectors of our community to attend this important event.”

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