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Sinn Féin North Antrim MLA, Philip McGuigan, has hit back at Ian Paisley Jnr's comments over the employment record of Wrightbus.

14 February, 2005

Mr McGuigan said:

"Mr Paisley made a number of comments last week, none of which were true. He didn't of course make any comment on the actual substance of my statement - that the record of Wrightbus when it comes to Catholic employment is shockingly low.

"I will repeat again for Mr Paisley's benefit the hard facts that less than 6% of Wrights' workforce is Catholic (In a Council area which is over 20% Catholic). Again this is the second worst record for an employer in the Six Counties. It is not me who made up these facts but the Equality Commission.

"So while I certainly want to see firms creating jobs for the North Antrim Workforce I want to see these jobs distributed in an equal manner." ENDS

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