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Alliance Party blasted over St. Pats funding decision

15 February, 2005

Belfast Sinn Féin Council Group Leader Tom Hartley has blasted the Alliance party after they once again refused to back plans for a St. Patrick's Day carnival in the city.

Cllr. Hartley said:

"Once again last night the Alliance party in Belfast City Hall firmly nailed their colours to the unionist mast. In the recent past they have refused to support power sharing on the council and now have failed to support the St. Patrick's Day Carnival in the city.

" I have to say that many people will be shocked at the hypocrisy of the Mayor Tom Eakin. On one hand he votes to prevent St. Patrick's Day funding for Belfast and on the other will travel to London to take part in St Patrick's Day celebrations there.

" In the eyes on the nationalist and republican community in this city the Alliance party are operating as little more than unionists in everything but name." ENDS

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