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Make grá the law throughout Ireland - Fearon

23 April, 2016 - by Megan Fearon

On 22nd May 2015 we made history. It is the day that we made grá the law.

I watched on as people danced in the streets and wept with joy.

I watched on as couples celebrated finally having the right to marry the one they love.

I watched on because I live 3 miles over the border, and my friends don’t have those same rights.

I hope one day, they can experience that same elation.

Sinn Féin are committed to fighting for marriage equality in the Assembly and we will bring forward legislation in the next mandate to extend the same rights, protections and privileges to all.

It is nothing short of shameful that people face discrimination every single day of their lives because of their sexual orientation.

The reality is there are people out there, who would rather not live, than openly be who they are, out of fear for the discrimination or intimidation they would face

The LGBT community do not want special treatment. They do not want different rights from those others already have. They simply want equality under the law.

Equality is an all or nothing concept. You cannot be a little bit equal, that is not how it works, so the status quo is not good enough.

It’s time others in the assembly got their act together and made their way into the 21st century

Those who strive to hold back progress will be on the wrong side of history.

In years to come, when we are asked where we were during the fight for equal rights, we, in Sinn Féin will be more than proud to say we were there.

The campaign for marriage equality has energised and engaged a whole new generation of young people and showed us that when people take ownership of politics, change is possible.

Together, we made grá the law in 26 of our counties.

Together, we demonstrated that change is in our hands.

Together, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

On 22nd May 2015... love won. Let’s fight for love in every corner of this island.

It’s time to make grá the law in all 32 of our counties. 

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