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The quality of our primary education service is the envy of the world - O'Dowd

23 April, 2016 - by John O'Dowd

Over this last 10 years the education system in the North has seen a dramatic and impressive increase in the numbers of your people leaving our post primary sector with high quality education.

12% more of our young people leaving school now than 10 years ago.

The quality of education in our primary sector is the envy of many parts of the world.

Our young people have access to more courses than ever before, have access to the most up to date learning technology and modern learning styles.

We have seen an unprecedented investment in the schools estate, scores of  new schools are being built or completely refurbished.

Investment in Early years as never seen before.

Nuture Units to assist some of our most vulnerable children.

New fit for purpose Special educational needs legislation being approved.

New anti-Bullying legislation being approved.

New Shared Education Legislation being approved

A complete rationalisation of Education administration with one Education Authority replacing 5 boards.

A new Policy on Traveller Education

A new Early Years Policy

A New funding formula for schools which has seen tens of millions of pounds extra being invested in schools in our most socially disadvantaged areas

A 13.8% increase funding for our Youth Services.

12, 000 more children receiving free school meals and uniform assistance as a result of Sinn Féin widening the entitlement criteria.

The rise of the Irish Medium sector, the fastest growing sector in the North.

All this achieved in the worst funding scenario for public services seen in a generation.

Imagine what we could do if the Westminster government funded the Northern Executive properly.

Imagine the society and economy we could build if Westminster invested in the North instead of starving our public services of funds.

In the hard times it is when you prove your ability to give leadership and under Sinn Féin's watch in Education and a range of other public services we have shown that we can lead in the hard times

Our teachers, classroom assistances, Boards of Governors, pupils and parents all deserve credit and admiration for their commitment, for their determination to deliver the best .

We in Sinn Féin are committed to education whether we are in the ministry or not, we will continue to push for proper funding of the Executive and Education.

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