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David Cullinane TD- Healthcare- Árd Fhéis Speech

23 April, 2016 - by David Cullinane TD

Our health services are in a state of crisis.

Sick children are being denied medical cards.

Patients are languishing on hospital trolleys.

495,000 patients are waiting for hospital appointments.

Our mental health services are grossly underfunded and lack capacity. 

None of this is by accident - but my design. 

The outgoing Fine Gael/Labour Government had no vision for health care. Fine Gael ditched its plan for Universal Health Insurance. 

Fianna Fáil for their part are not much better. Their plan can be summed up in five words - kept things as they are. 

But keeping things as they are is exactly what has created the crisis in health care.

In my constituency in Waterford over 8,500 patients are waiting longer then 12 months simply to see a consultant. 

Routine x-Rays are on hold due to unacceptable staff shortages. 

University Hospital Waterford is still without 24/7 emergency cardiac cover. 

Dismantling our two tier health service, ending the trolley crisis and putting capacity back into our public health system will not be achieved by putting Enda Kenny or Michael Martin back into power. 

Sinn Fein has a plan to end our two tier health system and replace it with a single tier Universal Health Care model with health care delivered on the basis of need and need alone. 

I commend the motion supporting our Health Document. 

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