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Rose Conway-Walsh- Rural Ireland – A New Deal for the West

23 April, 2016 - by Rose Conway Walsh

If ever we were in any doubt about the need for a new approach to Rural Development we see it in the Mayo GAA County Secretary’s Report this year when he reports that 18 clubs applied to be amalgamated at minor level. 

We in Rural Ireland are not asking for special favours to be bestowed upon us.

We are asking for a Fair Deal for the 2.2 million of us who live there.

We are demanding a New Deal.

A New deal when it comes to creating sustainable employment and allowing people to have a credible career path instead of hundreds of thousands of us being forced to emigrate.

A New deal when it comes to investment in broadband, telecommunications and transport infrastructure instead of our taxes and charges disappearing into Irish Water or any other pet project that can be dreamed up in the Dáil Bar to siphon off our hard earned money to the boys in the golden circle.

We believe that the small employers – engineering companies, food processing companies, manufacturing companies and retailers who have been forced to close or are barely surviving must be given the same concessions as has been freely given to multi-nationals.

We are told by successive governments that Agriculture & Fishing is the back bone of Rural Ireland.  Why then have they worked so hard to break the backs of these same families by reducing incomes and devising the most rigid inspection regime in the EU. 

Sinn Féin puts forward a New Deal for farmers & Fishermen. 

A new deal that brings back the role of the Department of Agriculture & Marine to supporting and assisting farmers and fishermen.

A fair deal that allows farm & fishing families to earn a decent income.

A fair deal that brings equity and certainty to direct payments and compensates for designated land and restricted fishing.   

A Chairde, In Sinn Féin we keep our promises.  We will deliver a New Deal for Rural Ireland and this New Deal for the West!   

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