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Deputy Denise Mitchell- Housing

23 April, 2016 - by Denise Mitchell TD

This weekend 100 years ago, a group of republicans signed a proclamation, a document based in the principles of equality, fairness and hope that proclaimed that a better future was possible for Ireland’s children.

Fast forward 100 years, in this city of Dublin, the city that took on the British Empire, there are over 1, 600 children in emergency accommodation.

This figure does not include, according to SAFE Ireland the 2,349 children in emergency refuges.

The last government has failed miserably.

The caretaker Taoiseach was alerted to the impending housing crisis years ago and he did nothing.

Last year Dublin City Council built just 19 houses. With this unambitious, frankly insulting building programme, where is the hope for the 42,000 people in need of social housing in this city?

Where is the fairness when bailed out banks that are refusing to act on variable mortgage rates are awarding huge bonuses when four families a day are losing their home because of the mortgage crisis?

Where the equality is when our young people who cannot afford to work and rent in this city, are pushed out of the housing market by the bottomless pockets of vulture funds?

Sinn Féin is seeking and proposing solutions.

We want to see rents capped, we demand a social housing building programme and we want action on variable mortgage rates.

Sinn Féin, despite the establishment inertia, has successfullyproposed the creation of a new Committee on housing and homelessness to seek solutions, and we are happy this Committee has broad cross party support.

The leaders of 1916 envisioned a fairer future, not children beginning their futures in emergency accommodation. It’s past time to right these wrongs. Sinn Féin will demand better.

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