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Full transfer of fiscal powers needed - McDermott

23 April, 2016 - by Grace McDermott

British control over the northern economy has failed Ireland.

Taking Economic Power back from Westminster is not optional, it is essential!

By taking economic power from Westminster we have the potential to transform Ireland.

British Tories are not meeting our aspirations for Ireland, our health service, or our education system;

They are cutting the tax credits that working people rely upon,

They are failing to create the jobs and opportunities that our young people need,

It is time to make a change!

It’s time to demand the full transfer of economic powers from Britain back to the north.

Sinn Féin have consistently delivered in the face of 100’s of millions of Tory cuts to our local budget.

We have blocked water charges, kept the cost of university tuition down – helping tens of thousands students access University.

We have kept bus passes for our pensioners and free prescriptions for sick people.

We have protected the people from the bedroom tax and welfare cuts,

We have fought for the living wage,

We have retained the EMA.

Sinn Féin have stood up for people from Castlederg to Conemara, from Dromore to Dundalk.

We have stood up for the people of Ireland!

Access to greater economic powers will allow us to achieve more.

We know the end to Tory austerity will not come from anywhere but from within ourselves.

Why? Because we in Sinn Féin believe we can build a better future, brick by brick,

Sinn Féin offer a real alternative to austerity,

-a living wage,

-protection for our health service,

-action to boost growth in our economy and the  determination and commitment to end poverty

We can deliver sustained investment, sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

That is the focus of Sinn Féin

Working together. Tackling inequality. Boosting Growth. Getting the job done.

Standing up for the people of Ireland.

We will create genuine ownership of the economy by the people.

The transfer of further fiscal powers will be at the top of the political agenda and we in Sinn Féin will be working to ensure that the right choices for the North and our future economic interests are made.

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