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Peace process tops agenda as Sinn Féin holds briefing with Diplomatic Corps in Dublin

17 February, 2005

Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh and Party Chairperson, Mitchel McLaughlin MLA hosted a briefing with members of the Diplomatic Corps in Dublin today. The briefing, which took place in Leinster House with representatives of 20 embassies, focused on the peace process and the ongoing difficulties that are effecting it.

Speaking afterwards Mr. Mitchel McLaughlin said, "Today's briefing is part of an ongoing engagement by Sinn Féin with the International Community. While addressing the current difficulties in the peace process we also examined the political context which brought us to this stage. We outlined the significance of the historic deal that was on offer from Republicans in December and the fact that Unionists walked away from it and that this precipitated the current crisis.

"Despite the very real difficulties that do exist at present Sinn Féin is determined to get the process back on track. We stressed this during the meeting and reaffirmed out absolute commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process."

Deputy Ó Snodaigh said, "In a wide ranging discussion on the upcoming elections in the Six Counties and in the 26 Counties in two years time, we expressed our confidence of increasing our support. It is clear that many of the attacks on our party, especially from the Irish Government and the SDLP at the moment, have to be viewed in that context. People across Ireland know that Sinn Féin has played a leading role in the peace process and that we will continue to do so, that is one of the many reasons that they are supporting us in growing numbers." ENDS

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