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SDLP manifesto a piece of pure fiction - McKay

27 April, 2016

Sinn Féin's Daithí McKay has described the SDLP's election manifesto as an uncosted, unfunded and undeliverable piece of fiction. 

Speaking today, former chair of the Assembly Finance Committee, McKay said,

"The SDLPs claim that their manifesto is fully costed has been demolished. 

"Most of the SDLP promises are entirely uncosted, unfunded and are, as a result, undeliverable. Their manifesto is a piece of pure fiction.

"Even where they claim that they have costings, we now know that these have been wildly miscalculated.

"As Chair of the DFP Committee in the last Assembly I listened to the SDLP object to every budget brought forward by the Executive even when that budget provided funding for essential government projects like the A5 and A6. 

"It is now obvious that the SDLP simply do not have the experience or the understanding to deal responsibly with government finances. 

"A manifesto that cannot be delivered in government is meaningless. The SDLP should  immediately withdraw their uncosted, unfunded and undeliverable promises."

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