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Sinn Féin condemns Strawletterdallon Orange Hall attack.

4 May, 2016 - by Grace McDermott

Sinn Féin candidate Grace McDermott has described the attack on the Orange hall at Strawletterdallon, near Newtown as ‘purely sectarian.’ 

 Ms. McDermott said,

 “The attack on Strawletterdallon Orange Hall must be condemned outright as it was purely sectarian. I am deeply disappointed that this hall is being subject to continuous attacks over the past few months and years and those who are carrying out the attacks need to be stopped.

 “If the objective was to cause community division I am confident that this objective will fail. These attacks do not reflect the wishes of communities in any part of Tyrone. 

 "These attacks are no different than attacks on GAA halls, churches and other cultural and community facilities and must be rejected by everyone.  ENDS

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