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CE schemes and employment support should be extended to "Unregistered Unemployed” – Cllr Holland

10 May, 2016 - by Sarah Holland

Mayor of South Dublin, Cllr Sarah Holland, today successfully passed a motion on extending employment services and CE schemes to unregistered unemployed people.

She said

“The unregistered unemployed are mainly women who have stayed at home to raise families, and whose husbands’ income deems them ineligible for employment supports.

“Unemployment benefits are means tested, but this should not preclude people from accessing the necessary supports.

“I hope the new Government listen to these concerns and honours the commitments made in the Pathways to Work strategy.”

She went on to say:

“CE schemes, in particular, can and have provided value for money for the tax payer and valuable qualifications and work experience to those who may never have had the chance to achieve. CE schemes deliver much needed social services in communities and offer a second chance to people making them more employable, offering real, meaningful jobs, a chance to contribute and bringing them closer to the labour market. They want to work and just need a little leg up to help them get back on the ladder.

“Sinn Féin councillors Cllr Mark Ward and Cllr Louise Dunne were able to enter the workforce thanks to CE schemes, which offered them the dignity of work plus the chance to train and upskill which ultimately led to them giving back to their community as elected public servants.

“This opportunity should be made available to all unemployed people, as a matter of urgency.”

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