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Mayor Holland questions charging for recycling

16 May, 2016 - by Sarah Holland

Mayor of South Dublin County Council, Cllr Sarah Holland, has questioned the need for charging householders for recycling.

Legislation introduced by the last Government comes into effect on 1st July this year, and means householders will now have to pay by weight for all waste types, including recycling.

Research carried out by Fine Gael & Labour in 2012 had recommended “mandatory pricing structures to incentivise sustainable behaviours”, but Cllr Holland said:

“I would question the need for extra charges.  Here in South Dublin, it costs the council thousands every month to clear illegal dumping, and I can’t see more charges for householders curbing this in any way.

“Latest figures show that 287 tonnes of litter and illegal dumping were collected in March this year, with only 29 fines issued.

“It remains to be seen whether charging for all waste will work out cheaper, as was said by Alan Kelly. I know my waste disposal habits won’t change – we already compost and recycle, as do all my neighbours.  If this works as out more expensive, I can see some people forgoing it.

“The legislation doesn’t offer any guidance on charges or capping, so the people of Ireland have once again been left to the mercies of private companies.  Waste management in particular has seen profiteering in the past, so I will be watching these developments with interest.”

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