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Anderson MEP calls for an end to efforts to criminalise the BDS movement for justice in Palestine

19 May, 2016 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson MEP has condemned international efforts to criminalise the Palestinian civil society-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. 

Expressing her concern at increased attacks on the BDS campaign and activists from various governments and state officials, Anderson said,

"The British government is putting in place rules to prevent local councils, universities and other public bodies to make ethical procurement or investment decisions, a move deliberately targeting BDS.

"British Secretary of State for Justice, Michael Gove, has made the outrageous statement that the BDS movement is “a crime worse than apartheid”.

"This strategy of "law fare", targeting BDS activists on anti-racism grounds is totally unacceptable.

"Anyone who cares about civil and human rights must take a clear stand to defend the right to advocate for BDS as a matter of conscience and free speech and a nonviolent means for society to support the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people.

Chair of the Delegation of Relations with Palestine, Ms Anderson said,

"Sinn Féin fully supports the BDS campaign and will continue to do so until a just and lasting peace is achieved and a Palestinian state is established. Furthermore Sinn Féin totally supports the right for non-violent, grassroots, civil society campaigns for justice to exist.

"The EU and the international community should be doing everything in their power to bring an end to Israel's human's rights abuses in Palestine. They should not be targeting those who are trying to end those abuses by peaceful means.

"It is in this vein that Sinn Féin calls for the lifting of the siege on Gaza and we call for the EU to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement until Israel complies with its international human rights obligations." ENDS

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