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Ó Laoghaire criticises Fianna Fáil TDs for voting against motion to end Water Charges

25 May, 2016 - by Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire TD

Speaking this evening on Sinn Féin’s motion regarding the abolishment of Irish Water, Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire TD expressed dismay at Fianna Fáil’s ambiguity and apparent willingness to completely disregard promises they had made before the election.

The Cork South-Central TD said:

“Fianna Fáil carried out an Olympic U turn ahead of the election, moving from being the authors of Water Charges, to being opposed. They are now after turning on their heel yet again, and falling behind the Government.

"This is likely a sign of things to come

"Fianna Fáil signed up to a confidence and supply agreement. We have been critical of that deal, and how it is an effort to hoodwink the electorate, but in any event this is not a confidence vote.  Fianna Fáil are perfectly at liberty to vote how they wish on this motion.

“If they are truly opposed to Water Charges, if they want rid of it, they should vote for it.

“We heard that this motion has no legal effect. Can I take it then that Fianna Fáil will not in future use Private Members Business to debate a motion? To give voice to the will of the Dáil on important issues. Why should the Dáil not express its wishes to get rid of Water Charges and Irish Water?

“The Irish people had their say. We committed to ensuring that on the first opportunity, our first PMB, we would ask the Dáil to have a vote on this matter.”

Speaking following his contribution, Deputy Ó Laoghaire added:

“Many people in Cork South Central voted for Micheál Martin and Michael McGrath because they believed that they would get rid of Water Charges. We tabled a simple motion, demanding that, and Fianna Fáil, have fallen behind the Government to defeat it.

“I think many people in Cork would be astonished to hear that, given the commitments made during the election, and I believe they deserve an explanation from their TDs.” 

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