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Adams raises cancer drug care with Taoiseach

31 May, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams TD today challenged the Taoiseach on the failure of the government and HSE to clear the urgent use of new immunotherapy drugs that have demonstrated effectiveness in tackling cancer.

Gerry Adams said:

“A constituent from Drogheda contacted me last week to express her concern at the failure of the HSE to agree the availability for cancer patients of immunotherapy treatments - specifically Opdivo and Yervoy.

“She has been involved in a clinical trial since 2013 and is now in remission; her story is a good story.

“However, other cancer patients are not receiving these drugs nor the new drug pembro, which one oncologist described as ‘game changing.’

“Pembro is being hailed, along with the other immunotherapy treatments, as the replacement for chemotherapy and with significantly better outcomes for patients.

“It is also said to be cost effective for the state. Delaying this decision will cost lives.

“The Taoiseach has said that the Minister for Health expects that this issue will be progressed soon. This is a matter of life and death for many citizens and I will monitor this situation closely.” 

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