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A vote for Labour is a vote for Fine Gael in the Meath by-election. Thinking Labour - Vote Sinn Féin

1 March, 2005

Speaking to the Sinn Féin Group in Navan this morning Sinn Féin candidate for the Meath by-election Councillor Joe Reilly said "the electoral pact between Fine Gael and Labour means a vote for Labour in this by-election is in reality a vote for Fine Gael. The only winnable alternative in Meath is Sinn Féin, so if your thinking Labour vote Sinn Féin." Cllr Joe Reilly said:

"Given the ongoing decline in the Labour Party vote in this constituency, they are clearly not contesting to win the seat. And given the electoral pact announced last week, the reality is that a vote for Labour in this by-election is a vote for Fine Gael.

There are many, many differences between the two parties so the question is what are the people of Meath being asked to support.

"Labour oppose the M3 Motorway being routed through heritage sites, Fine Gael supports it. While Labour supports a European Army, they still claim to support Irish neutrality, while Fine Gael are openly against it. Labour opposed the break up of Aer Rianta. Fine Gael supported it.

"These are just some of the many contradictions between the two parties. This pact is another embarrassing step in the attempt to form a coalition of the confused after the next general election.

"Yet in a way, Labour's candidate in Meath perfectly sums up these contradictions. He ran as an Independent in June, voted for a Fianna Fáil Chair of the Council in July, joined the Labour party in the Autumn and now he is asking his supporters to transfer to a right-wing, anti-union, anti-neutrality party.

"The reality is that Sinn Féin have been representing the people of Meath for ten years now and the only winnable alternative in this election is Sinn Féin, so if your thinking Labour vote Sinn Féin." ENDS

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