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Sinn Féin welcome for Ombudsman move

2 March, 2005

Sinn Féin Councillor Joe O'Donnell has welcomed indications from the Police Ombudsman that she is willing to play a role in helping to achieve justice for the McCartney family.

Cllr. O'Donnell said:

" Sinn Féin have consistently argued that people should bring forward information relating to the killing of Robert McCartney through whatever channel they deemed appropriate. We recognised that some would deem the PSNI appropriate whereas others for very good reason do not trust that organisation.

" It is our belief that these people should not be prevented in bringing forward any information they might have. The suggestion that the Police Ombudsman could become involved is obviously one which Sinn Féin would support as a channel for bringing forward relevant information. In the past I have encouraged people to make statements to the Police Ombudsman relating to other matters in this area and would obviously do so again in this case." ENDS

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