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Adams raises Loughinisland report in Dáil

14 June, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Following on from the Loughinisland report the Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD today called on the Irish government to facilitate a debate in the Dáil to discuss legacy issues.

Speaking in the Dáil the Sinn Féin leader accused the British government of undermining the Haass proposals on legacy and urged the Irish government to “encourage a joined-up and inclusive and thoughtful discussion aimed at unshackling the island of Ireland from the past”.

Gerry Adams said:

“The report by the Police Ombudsman into the murder of six men in Loughinisland has affirmed once again the use by the British state of administrative collusion between its security agencies, the RUC and UDR and unionist paramilitary organisations.

The years of conflict were brutal and vicious. The Loughinisland report is one example of this.

“Over three and a half thousand people died and many thousands more were injured, or imprisoned as a consequence of the actions of combatant groups on all sides. That includes the British government.

“This enormous legacy of injustice and suffering has never been properly addressed. A victim-centred truth and reconciliation process that can help victims is urgently needed. All victims and their communities deserve truth and justice and that includes the Loughinisland families.

“London has had knowledge of the involvement of its agencies and operatives for decades. That is why the British government has undermined the Haass proposals for dealing with legacy issues.

“The British government and its agencies armed, directed and then covered up the killings at Loughinisland, that’s a fact.

Over the years I have met many families of victims of the conflict. They include victims of the IRA and British forces and their lethal allies within unionism. Members of my own family have been killed and injured. The grief and trauma suffered by everyone is the same.

“So the resolve and responsibility of all political leaders must be to ensure that no other family is bereaved. This means all of us working together.

“Our government does not have a consistent strategic approach to dealing with legacy issues. It is not enough that this injustice of Loughinisland is reduced to a topical issue of ten minutes in the Dáil. The Irish government needs to encourage a joined-up and inclusive and thoughtful discussion aimed at unshackling the island of Ireland from the past; and to allow time in the Dáil for this and other matters relating to the north to be debated.”

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