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Reilly calls on Dublin City Council to develop a small scale shopping centre in Ballymun

15 June, 2016

Speaking from Ballymun today, she said,

“The council have informed me that they are actively engaged with a retailer with a view to securing an anchor tenant in a new shopping centre in Ballymun.

“If this is successful, a piece of land on the main street will go back out on the market for a third time in order to attract someone to develop a small scale shopping centre

“This process started in back in early to 2015 and despite two disposals of land to two different development companies we still are no further on as both pulled out when it came to the planning stages.”

“Residents joked back in 2014 that you couldn’t buy a pair of socks in the place, unfortunately we are still in that situation.

“I believe that Dublin City Council have done everything they could to attract a developer into the area.  This has not been successful because of the need for a certain density and a mix of retail and residential.

“I now believe it is time for Dublin City Council to take up that mantel.  There is no reason why Dublin City Council could not develop retail and residential and provide much needed shops and homes for families in the area.

“This has been done very successfully in the past by Dublin City Council and other local Authorities.

“Out of a population of 16,000, a recent retail study by Aecom reported that only 10% of Ballymun residents are shopping in Ballymun.

“This affects the ability of existing businesses to survive but the opportunity to create jobs is none existent.

“Residents want to shop in Ballymun, they want to spend their money locally but how can they presently.

“I will be pressing this issue at the Dublin Northwest area committee meeting next week and I believe residents have waited long enough for shopping facilities.” 

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