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Boylan slams feeble proposal on hormone disrupting chemicals

17 June, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has expressed disappointment with the hollow offer from the European Commission this week on so-called endocrine disrupting chemicals.

‘These endocrine disrupting chemicals are worrying substances which are suspected of interfering with hormonal system in the human body and strongly linked to hormone diseases or cancers such as breast or testicular cancer. 

‘After missing the legislative deadline by a staggering two and a half years and after being successfully taken to court for doing so, the European Commission were supposed to have finally plugged the gap in legislation and come forward with a serious proposal for criteria for endocrine disrupting chemicals. Unfortunately, it has not done so.

‘Whilst there are some 800 chemicals which are known or suspected to interfere with hormone receptors and found in everyday products such as toys, shopping receipts or pesticides, the criteria the Commission has chosen have been strongly criticised by doctors, health associations and NGOs alike for a serious lack of ambition.

‘They have wasted a good opportunity to properly regulate for the protection of human health and the environment by setting the bar extremely high for a substance to fall into the definition of an endocrine disruptor consequently meaning that only a few chemicals could be regulated.

‘After a strong lobbying campaign from the chemicals industry which was unfortunately very successful in delaying action thus far, we have now been presented with a weak plan of action from the European Commission. Irish and European citizens deserve more.

‘I call on the Irish Minister for Health and the Irish MEPs to strongly voice their opposition to this proposal in the Council and their political groups respectively. Irish representatives must not accept such a measure which does not go far enough to protect citizens’ health.’



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