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Democratic imperative for border poll – Adams

24 June, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD speaking at Stormont Castle today along with First Minister Martin McGuinness and other Executive Ministers said:

“There is an onus on the British government to respect the democratic wishes of the people of the north.  

“The Taoiseach has to think nationally in a real sense. The Irish government needs an all-island, all-Ireland view.

“The referendum result will have very profound effects for all of us on this island.

“There are real worries it will have an adverse impact on the two economies on this island. This will have serious consequences for jobs and investment and for families and communities.

“We could well see the reintroduction of border security controls between the north and south as well as the reintroduction of customs controls.

“The Brexit decision also presents real concerns in respect of its likely detrimental impact on the Good Friday Agreement and the Human Rights Act. The Tory government is already committed to the repeal of the Human Rights Act.

“The referendum will also adversely impact on equality issues, including equal pay; workers’ rights laws and anti-discrimination legislation. It will also reinforce the existing two-tier Europe.

“This referendum had nothing to do with the best interests of our people, our island and our economy and all do with factionalism within the Tory party. 

“The people in the north voted to remain a part of the EU.  The Good Friday Agreement is an international agreement. As a co-equal guarantor of the agreement the Irish government must also defend the interests of all the people of the island of Ireland at the EU Council meeting next week and in any future negotiations.

“A British exit from the EU presents a particular danger on the equality and human rights elements of the Good Friday Agreement. These are at the core of that agreement.

“The British government has no democratic mandate to represent the views of the north in any future negotiations with the EU.

“There is now a democratic imperative for a border poll. The Irish government should support this.” 

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