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EU Needs to Radically Reform

24 June, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Following the results of the Brexit referendum, where English and Welsh votes will now drag the north out of the European Union, Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has said that there must now be a border poll on a united Ireland but that also the EU needs to view this as a wakeup call.

The Dublin MEP said, 

“Sinn Féin have constantly highlighted the glaring democratic deficit at the heart of the EU and in recent polls trust in the EU continues to fall. A Pew Research Poll before the last European elections showed that a majority of citizens of seven major European Member States felt that their voice doesn't count in the EU.  

"Sinn Féin campaigned for a remain vote but that campaign should not be interpreted as a ringing endorsement of the current EU.  The EU status quo cannot continue. The European Institutions have got a serious wake up call and they must take on board the growing disillusionment among voters."

 “In all negotiations, the impact on the island of Ireland must be central, but this British vote to leave is a clear message to the European Union that people are feeling discontent and it must be acted upon.

"Enda Kenny must heed that message and go to the EU Council next Monday and demand real reform, not just a tinkering around the edges.   

"We need to build a progressive, prosperous and social Europe, which respects sovereignty." ENDS 

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