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Cllr Mark Ward concerned about the number of reported rat sightings in Clondalkin

4 July, 2016

Sinn Fein Councillor Mark Ward for the Clondalkin LEA of South Dublin County Council has said that he has ‘big concerns over the number of recently reported sightings of rats in the Bawnogue area of Clondalkin’.

Cllr Ward said

“I have been contacted on numerous occasions by concerned and worried residents regarding rats been sighted on open spaces. I have reported these sightings to the Council and, in fairness to them, they have been very responsive.

“During on-site visits I have had to the affected areas, it was noticeable how clean the estates where and how much pride residents had in their area. However this didn’t seem to deter the rats.

“My concern is that someone could become ill if they came into direct contact with rats.  Rats are not only highly unpleasant but pose a danger to health.

“The areas reported to me have been Kilcronan, Kilmahuddrick, and Grange View. This issue seems to be concentrated in areas situated between St Cuthbert’s Park and the Canal. I’ve no doubt that illegal dumping has contributed to this problem. There was also an increase in illegal dumping due to talk about introducing pay per weight bin collections.

“Another area of concern is rats that have got into people’s homes come under the responsibility of the HSE.  The HSE’s environmental health department has suffered through austerity measures. There are only now 2 people charged with rodent control for South County Dublin. This is totally inadequate and in my opinion the problem will only get worse.

“I am advising people to cosider the following measures.

“Waste food and other waste which might attract rats must be stored in bins with tight fitting lids. Food for the birds should not be left in any place where rats can have access to it. Garden compost heaps should not contain anything likely to attract rats. The surroundings of your house must be kept clean, the garden should be free of accumulations of rubbish, hedges should be trimmed and weeds and grass cut regularly.

“I would also advise residents to report all sightings of rats straight away and also not to approach them. The council should also be notified of any illegal dumping.”

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