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Government stumbling from crisis to crisis – Adams

6 July, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD, speaking during Leaders Questions in the Dáil this afternoon, has said the Government, aided and abetted by Fianna Fáil, is stumbling from crisis to crisis in the era of so-called ‘new politics’.

Teachta Adams said:

“The Government, aided and abetted by Fianna Fáil, is stumbling from crisis to crisis. There is calamity in our health system. There’s a homelessness and housing crisis that’s spiralling further out of control by the day. 

“Citizens are being crippled by a cost of living crisis, in rents, mortgages, childcare, property tax and car insurance, and to make the situation even worse, there is the aftermath of the Brexit referendum and all the challenges that presents across the island.

“Just yesterday, the Chairperson of the Expert Commission on Water Charges, Mr. Joe O’Toole resigned. The Government’s a mess, and the Fianna Fáil leadership are willing partners in all of this. 

“They have obliged the Government at every turn, or every U-turn - on water charges, on bin charges, on NAMA, on the national monument in Moore Street, on rent certainty and just last night on the issue of Banded Hours Contracts.

“All motivated by the Fianna Fáil’s leadership’s desire to keep Fine Gael in Government until they decide themselves to pull the plug at some point most advantageous to their ambition to form a Government themselves.  

“It’s all about political power. It’s nothing to do with so-called ‘new politics’. 

“The public have rejected water charges. They should be scrapped, and dealt with in the Dáil, democratically and decisively. Now is the Taoiseach’s chance to actually get something done. 

“He should acknowledge that the majority of TDs were sent here on an anti-water charges platform, and allow the Dáil to deal with the issue, instead of kicking it down the road to an already undermined Commission, or perhaps in keeping with the fiction of ‘new politics’, he has to ask Teachta Martin’s permission.” 

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