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O’Toole resignation ‘another nail in the coffin for Irish Water’ – Devine

6 July, 2016 - by Máire Devine

Sinn Féin Senator Máire Devine has welcomed the resignation of Joe O’Toole from the Irish Water Commission but also questioned the role of Fianna Fáil in the shambles.

Senator Devine said:

“Joe O’Toole now joins a long list of high profile Irish Water casualties who include Phil Hogan, John Tierney, Alan Kelly to name but a few. Mr O’Toole displayed an arrogance and total misjudgement of the will of the people who have displayed, time and again, their total resistance to paying water charges. His comments were wholly unacceptable for a supposed independent chair of an expert commission.

“The role of Fianna Fáil needs to be called into question in this shambles. In another example of Fianna Fáil’s in-out position in relation to this minority Government, we discovered yesterday that Fianna Fáil were made aware of the appointment of Enda Kenny’s economic adviser to the EIB. Were they also aware of Joe O’Toole’s appointment as head of the water commission?

“Regardless, once public opinion shifted, Fianna Fáil demanded Joe O’Toole’s head. They made noise and Fine Gael danced to their tune. That Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil attest that they are anything but Government partners is comical to say the least.

“I do not envy the task ahead for the next head of this commission as it has been clear for some time that Irish Water is quite simply dead in the water. Public opinion has always been against it and this will be displayed again in a National Demonstration on September 17th. The only future for Irish Water is its abolition.” 

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