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EU Ambassador to US accused of abusing position to attack Sinn Féin

7 March, 2005

Sinn Féin MEP for Dublin, Mary Lou McDonald, has this afternoon accused the EU Ambassador to the US, John Bruton, of abusing his position to launch an attack on Sinn Féin. Ms McDonald questioned whether Mr. Bruton had any right as the EU‚s ambassador to the US to "vent his anti-republican spleen" or to "comment in a partisan way on the domestic political situation in any EU member state". She said she would be raising the matter within the EU Parliament as soon as possible.

Ms McDonald said, "It is my contention that John Bruton, as EU ambassador to the United States of America, has absolutely no right to comment in a partisan way on the domestic political situation in any EU member state. If his comments were made in relation to a political party in any other country in the EU there would be uproar. John Bruton is mandated by the EU to promote the Unions policies in the US and relations between the two. He has not been given a platform to vent his anti-republican spleen."

"Is Mr. Bruton trying to give the impression that his own well known personal views are a matter of EU policy? If he is then the record should be set straight. If he is going to continue in this vein and continue to spout his own personal views in relation to Sinn Féin then his position as EU ambassador to the US will become untenable." ENDS

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