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Cllr Mark Ward’s motion to scrap bin charges is passed

12 July, 2016

Sinn Fein Councillor for the Clondalkin LEA had a motion calling for the scrapping of pay per weight bin charges passed by the South Dublin County Council chamber.

Cllr Ward said

“I was delighted to get the motion I submitted calling for the scrapping of pay per weight bin charges passed. There was some opposition to the motion, most notably from the Fine Gael councillors in the chamber.

“The people of South Dublin County Council had their voice heard. They are sick to the back teeth of what they see as just another stealth tax on the most vulnerable. The behaviour of some waste management companies since the recent intervention by the Government left a lot to be desired.

“Greyhound’s decision to automatically switch people to the pay per weight system unless instructed differently, created a sense of anger and confusion for its customers.

“I have reported the waste management companies to the Consumer and Competition Protection Commission. I asked them to investigate if there was any collusion between the waste management companies in setting prices. If this investigation decides that there was collusion I urge the Consumer and Competition Protection Commission to use its regularity powers and take action on this issue.

“During the motion I also called for the introduction of a national bin waiver for people with pre-existing medical conditions to be included as part of the Governments review into pay per weight waste management. I also called for measures to be taken to protect bigger families, who naturally produce more waste.

“Ultimately I called along with my party colleagues for the return of waste management to the control of the state and the local councils. The behaviour of the private waste management companies in trying to extract as much money as possible from their customers, left us no choice.

“The people want bin charges ended…not suspended”

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