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76-year-old left on chair in Mater A&E for seven days a scandal

8 March, 2005

A Sinn Féin Dublin City Councillor has described as "absolutely disgraceful" and a "damning indictment of the Minister for Health" the fact that a woman of 76 years of age has spent the last seven days on a chair in the Accident and Emergency room of the Mater Hospital.

Councillor Christy Burke said he "couldn't believe it" when he was told of the woman's condition last Friday and was then "flabbergasted" that it took another three days before she was allocated a bed on a ward in the hospital.

Cllr. Burke said, "This is one of the worst cases I have come across. I couldn‚t believe it. That this 76-year-old woman, who was suffering from serious heart and respiratory problems, was left on a chair in the A&E room of the Mater Hospital for four days is absolutely disgraceful in itself, but that it took another three days after representations were made on her behalf before a bed could be found nothing short of a scandal."

"Mary Harney and her Government can bleat on and on about the amount of money they are investing in the health service all they want but it is meaningless when we still have appalling cases like this being referred to us as public representatives. The case of this women is a damning indictment of this Minister for Health and the policies her government have been pursuing for years.

"This woman like all other patients deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and just because they can‚t or won‚t jump up and down and scream about their rights doesn‚t mean they are any less deserving. I‚m flabbergasted that anybody can be left in such a condition for such a long time." ENDS

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