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SDCC Sinn Féin councillors condemn Waste & Recycling Centre price hikes

20 July, 2016

Sinn Féin members of South Dublin County Council have slammed the news that the Council has permitted Panda Waste to hike its prices at the Ballymount Civic Amenity and Recycling Centre.

Speaking on behalf of the Sinn Féin councillors, Cllr. Cathal King said:

“Notice of this price hike was circulated to councillors on Friday evening with not so much as a hint of it to councillors beforehand. This was despite a full council meeting having taken place a few days previously at which waste charges were fully discussed.

“These price hikes are outrageous with the charge for green waste transported by cars increasing from €8 to €9.50. Likewise general waste transported by cars will now increase from €15 to €18. These are increases of about 20% overnight.

“This is an example of an executive decision being made by Council while ignoring publicly elected representatives. The council has kowtowed to a private waste company once again and has no interest in what the councillors or the public think. The sly manner in which this price hike was initiated should tell the public all it needs to know about the service contract the Council has with private waste companies.

“Sinn Féin councillors will now take this matter further at a special meeting of the Council to discuss the matter next week. Unfortunately, the executive council decision, a legacy of Fianna Fáil’s time in government, cannot now be overturned by Councillors. However, the special council meeting can at least highlight the underhanded, unfair nature of this decision and can investigate if there are any ways in which the knock-on effect of this price hike can be alleviated.

“As Sinn Féin councillors, we want our constituents to know that we will continue to fight hard on their behalf in the face of the shambolic treatment the public is being subjected to.” 

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