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Munster tells Minister of need to remove slip road toll tax on Drogheda

22 July, 2016 - by Imelda Munster TD

Sinn Féin TD for Louth and East Meath, Imelda Munster, asked Minister for Transport Shane Ross in the Dáil this week was he aware that Drogheda is the only town in the country that is tolled.

There is a slip road toll tax entering and exiting Drogheda, which Deputy Munster argued is having an adverse effect on local people, business and tourism in the area.

Deputy Munster said:

“The situation is ludicrous. People have to pay a toll to enter or exit the town, which has led to congestion in the town as people attempt to avoid the tolls. What business in their right mind would be encouraged to set up an operation in Drogheda above another town when there’s a toll tax to enter and exit?”

The Louth TD gave the example of two retail parks, on either side of the town, where to use the small stretch of motorway between them you have to pay a toll. Otherwise you are forced to drive through the town, a journey that can take upwards of 40 minutes.

“The slip road tolls have having the opposite effect to what they were supposed to have. They are compounding the problem by adding to the congestion in an already traffic-choked town.”

Deputy Munster asked the Minister, given the adverse effects these slip road tolls are having on the town, would he consider a review of the slip road tolls with a view to having them removed. Munster invited Minister Ross to visit Drogheda to see first-hand the effects that both tolls are having on traffic congestion.  Minister Ross declined to visit, however he agreed to talk to Transport Infrastructure Ireland during the summer to seek further clarity on this issue, as he has not been made familiar with this particular issue, and the problems associated with it. 

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