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Demolition of Blocks opens the door for construction of Homes – Boylan

26 July, 2016 - by Janice Boylan

Dublin City Council and Sinn Féin Cllr Janice Boylan said the vote last night to allow the part IV to go ahead on the remaining empty blocks in O'Devaney has opened the door for much needed homes to be built on the land.

Cllr Boylan said:

“Taking into consideration the opinions of the 9 remaining residents, it was vital that these blocks be demolished due to the high level of antisocial activity and fires that occur nightly. The conditions in which the remaining tenants are in are awful and no one deserves to be living like that.

“I call on the Housing Manager and the Mayor of Dublin to deviate from the normal scheme of lettings to allow the remaining tenants be housed in the areas they are looking for. We have a situation where a young mother who has two daughters, 8 and 16 years old, being told she won't get a three bed that she is interested in in Montpelier because her needs are only a two bed. DCC have deviated from the scheme of lettings within reasons on many occasions over the last few years for example in Ballymun and Croke Villas.

“We need to make the remaining tenants feel like we are not forcing them out and accommodate them in the areas that they are looking for. They have been through enough with the failure of the Public Private Partnership and failed regeneration of the complex.

“The least we can do now is to make sure they are accommodated in areas and homes that they well deserve.

“I have an emergency motion for Friday's Housing SPC calling again on the housing manager to deviate from the scheme of lettings under these exceptional circumstances and to offer the tenants letters of comfort, to let them know that they won't be legally forced to move either.” 

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