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Why is Fianna Fáil keeping Fine Gael in government? – Adams

27 July, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has accused the Fianna Fáil leadership of “putting narrow party self-interest above the needs of citizens” and he has asked Micheál Martin “what is the point in keeping Fine Gael in government”.

Deputy Adams said:

“As the Cabinet meets for the last time before its summer break, the big question is what is the point of Fine Gael in government?

“It is constantly looking over its shoulder seeking approval from Fianna Fáil for every decision it takes.

“The Taoiseach has been gifted his office by Fianna Fáil who were unwilling to go into government themselves after the last election but who play at being in government and opposition at the same time.

“If this was in the common good or the national interest, or if there were short term benefits to citizens, then of course there would be merit in Fianna Fáil’s support for Fine Gael.

“Thus far, the sum total of their coalition has been to defeat a motion to scrap water charges; to oppose legislation to protect low paid workers; and to block legislation to provide for rent certainty. They have obliged the Government at every turn, or every U-turn; on bin charges, on the national monument in Moore Street, and on the issue of Banded Hours Contracts.

“Last October, Fianna Fáil called for a Commission of Investigation into the sale of NAMA’s Northern loan book - Project Eagle. This was repeated in the Dáil by Micheál Martin. Then Fianna Fáil did another U-turn and now opposes the establishment of a Commission.

“For months now, the Fianna Fáil leadership has played the part of government and opposition with no thought for the consequences for the people affected by their decisions.

“All of this is motivated by the Fianna Fáil’s leadership’s desire to keep Fine Gael in Government until they decide themselves to pull the plug at some point most advantageous to their ambition to form a Government themselves.  

“It’s all about political power. It’s nothing to do with so-called ‘new politics’.” 

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