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Eircode emergency service adverts are premature - Lynn Boylan MEP

3 August, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Speaking this afternoon Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has stated that the current television advertisement campaign being run by Eircode is premature.

The Dublin MEP said

“One of the biggest and most well documented criticisms of Eircode since its rollout has been that many of the codes distributed to households around the country are either wrong, misleading, or missing. “

"It would be more in line for Eircode to run a public awareness campaign to get citizens across the country to check that their code is actually correct, and in the cases where the codes are incorrect that they are then rectified as soon as possible.

“What makes such an advertisement even more worrying is that it appears to have no endorsement from the Health Service Executive or the National Ambulance Service, or any of our blue light emergency services.

"Last month Communications Minister Denis Naughten staunchly defended Eircode by saying that giving out about the system after only 12 months in operation is like criticising a crawling baby for not being able to run. 

"But what we have seen with this ambulance advertisement and the extolling of the virtues and values of using Eircode in situations where emergency services are required is akin to entering that same baby in a 100m sprint. 

"Until the codes are proven to be correct and working and are wholly supported and endorsed by our emergency services then there should not be radio and television advertisements telling people to use these codes in life and death situations.

"What we need first and foremost is a campaign to get people to check their code, given that only five percent of people across the country know what their code is, and secondly, we need people to check to see if their code is in fact correct. It is only once we can verify that the system is working that we should be advertising for their use in emergency situations.”

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