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PSNI accused of manipulating the McCartney investigation

14 March, 2005

Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator, Martin McGuinness, has said that there is growing evidence that the McCartney family's campaign for justice is being exploited and manipulated by the PSNI to damage Sinn Féin.

Mr Mc Guinness said:

"Republicans have suspected that the PSNI is tailoring their investigation into the murder of Robert McCartney to cause maximum damage to Sinn Féin. Today's revelations that the PSNI turned away a key witness and a key suspect adds further weight to this suspicion.

"In such a high profile murder investigation it beggars belief that the PSNI would reject the offer of an eyewitness statement from a key witness and the opportunity to interview a key suspect who they claim to have been searching for.

"But this is what has happened today. It is also clear that eyewitness testimony which identifies some of those involved in the attack on Robert McCartney has been ignored and that a decision has been made not to arrest and charge those identified by the eyewitness. The normal police practice of quickly putting suspects into an identity parade has not happened despite the fact that the PSNI know who was involved and has eyewitness evidence about this.

"This underlines the fact that politics rather than justice is driving the PSNI investigation. All those who have been vocal in support of the McCartney‚s need to put some searching questions to the PSNI."ENDS

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