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McMullan to write to minister on Gobbins finances

9 August, 2016 - by Oliver McMullan

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has written to the Minister for the Economy asking for a full account of the finances involved in the controversial Gobbins project.

Oliver McMullan said: 

“Gobbins have been closed for most of season and council can not tell when it is fit to be open again. “It needs 75,000 people per year to break even, so far this year it has had only 22,000. 

“Funding of £2.5 million came through DETI and the south’s Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport contributed £1 million. 

“Both government departments committed £3.5 million under the SEUPB Interreg 4a programme. Larne Council provided additional funding of £2 million along with £0.2 million from Ulster Garden Villages. 

“The complete funding package could come to around £7million. 

“I’m writing to the Minister for the Economy to bring a full account of the finances involved in the Gobbins project before the Assembly. 

“This should include the running costs and the costs incurred due to the closures in 2015-16 and I will be asking the Minister to tell the assembly the cost of any structural works needed to open the facility to health and safety standard.”

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