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Bawnogue residents frustrated by illegal dumping on St Cuthbert’s Road – Cllr Mark Ward

15 August, 2016

Sinn Féin Councillor on South Dublin County Council Mark Ward has said that local residents are becoming increasingly frustrated by the amount of illegal dumping along St Cuthbert’s Road in Bawnogue, Clondalkin. He has noticed an increase in the frequency and the amount of illegal dumping in this area over the last couple of months.

Cllr Ward said:

“St Cuthbert’s Road is a ring road that surrounds Bawnogue.  Over the last couple of months, there has been an increase in the amount of illegal dumping along the road. I have visited the site on numerous occasions on the back of complaints of residents and have witnessed in excess of 20 areas of illegal dumping.

“There seems to be a custom of some people to leave bags of domestic waste on the side of the road, beside bins and also at bus stops. The Council arrange for these areas to be cleaned as soon as possible. However, this is costing the Council money that could be much better spent.  Also, by the time the Council can respond, these bags of rubbish are often opened and litter is strewn across Bawnogue.

“Speaking to some residents, there is a misconception that the Council collect green waste if left on the side of the road. I have checked with the Council and this is not the case. The Councils Social Credits Scheme is set up for responsible residents to aid them in making their area a better place. The Social Credit's Scheme rewards community groups who improve their environment by carrying out pro-environmental actions such as community clean ups, maintenance of community gardens, graffiti removal and weeding of footpaths.

“Groups interested in the Social Credit's Scheme should contact the Council   in advance of any works being undertaken listing the work they intend to do.  Dumpers of illegal domestic waste seem to piggy back on the dumping of green waste. I believe that if people used the social credit scheme as a responsible way of recycling their green waste then this would in turn lead to less dumping of domestic waste.

“It is a shame that the behaviour of a very small minority in Bawnogue is bringing down the whole area. I have spoken with the litter warden and his department will prosecute anyone who is responsible for illegal dumping. I have also asked the Council to erect anti-litter signs along St Cuthbert’s Road. There have also been reports of rats in the area and I have no doubts that illegal dumping is a contributing factor in this.

“Bawnogue is an area that is not without its social problems. It is also an area that has huge community spirit. A cleaner Bawnogue is a better Bawnogue.” 

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