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Minister Shane Ross like "a deer in the headlights" as Dublin Bus strike looms - Lynn Boylan MEP

14 September, 2016 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Lynn Boylan has described Transport Minister Shane Ross as being like a "deer in the headlights" as she criticised him for his lack lustre approach to the Dublin Bus strike.

On the eve of the two-day strike, Lynn Boylan MEP said;

"Tomorrow and Friday, the people of Dublin will once again suffer because Dublin Bus workers are being forced into industrial action due to the intransigence of company management.

"As a proud daughter of a former Dublin Bus driver, I know that the workers do not want to be striking. They want to get on with their work. But the workers have justifiable claims and it is their right to take such actions to defend their livelihoods. I have no doubt that the fair-minded people of Dublin will understand the workers' position.

"Only a progressive engagement and negotiating process will lead to an acceptable resolution. Minister Shane Ross is the person with the capability of bringing management to the negotiating table and help to kick-start the state's dispute resolution mechanisms into action.

"Unfortunately, thus far, the Minister has failed absolutely. He is like a deer in the headlights.

"Instead of doing his job, Minister Ross has his head firmly stuck in the sand. This Minister has effectively gone AWOL as workers prepare to man pickets, commuters stress about getting to work, and businesses in the city centre worry about disruption and the impact on trade.

"Rather than taking the responsibility demanded by his Ministry, and demonstrating energy and enterprise in seeking an agreement, Minister Ross is sitting on his hands. He is prepared to allow the city of Dublin to be thrown into two days of travel chaos.

"With zero pressure coming from Government and Minister Ross, the management of Dublin Bus has been given a green-light to ignore their workers and their unions.

"Minister Ross cannot continue to shrug his shoulders and act as though this is not his problem. Whatever he says, the buck stops with him.

"He needs to get up off the mat and deal with this situation in an effective manner. He must now focus his energies on resolving the dispute in a way that addresses the claims of the workers and ends the disruption for commuters in our capital city."

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