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Dublin Bus management need to stop hiding and start talking – Gavan

15 September, 2016 - by Paul Gavan

This morning, the staff of Dublin bus entered their 3rd day of strike action. Union members are taking this action in support of a pay claim after Dublin Bus management refused to improve upon the terms of a Labour Court recommendation, which both SIPTU and NBRU members overwhelmingly rejected.

Members of both unions are willing to go back into negotiations; however, Dublin Bus management and the Department of Transport have failed to take any new initiative to resolve the dispute since the Labour Court terms were rejected – leaving the drivers with no option but to take action to protect their right to fair pay.

Senator Gavan spoke this morning in support of the workers:

“SIPTU have been correct to come out and condemn Dublin Bus management and the Department of Transport for their silence on this dispute. Where is the urgency to resolve the situation from their end? Both management and the Department have sat on their hands to date, leaving the travelling public to suffer a further 48 hour stoppage.

“These drivers don’t want to have to disrupt public transport, and they don’t want to cause annoyance to the public – however, in the absence of fresh talks it’s clear that they have no choice but to down tools to force the hand of management to come to the negotiating table.

“The drivers experienced a great level of support on last week’s picket lines and I hope that the general public continues to support the workers. At the heart of the dispute is that fact these workers have endured a number of changes to their over-time rates, working hours and staff redundancies. They have not been given a pay rise in almost nine years and are well over-due one. I think the public recognizes that these are genuine grievances and their pay demands are just.

“The complete lack of urgency shown by the government and by management has only served to frustrate and anger, not only the drivers, but also the public. However, if the government thinks that it can win this battle by turning the public against the workers, then I think they’ll be in for a surprise. Dublin Bus Management and the Department of Transport need to stop hiding and start talking to bring about a just conclusion to this dispute."

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