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Ward and King delighted to get border poll motion passed

27 September, 2016

South Dublin County Council today passed a Sinn Fein motion proposed by Cllrs Mark Ward and Cathal King, to back the democratic wishes of the people in the six counties to remain within the European Union are respected and facilitated through a border poll which is part of the Good Friday Agreement that was overwhelmingly voted for by Citizens North and South of this Island.

Cllr Ward said:

“Our group leader Cathal King and the 10 strong Sinn Fein members of South Dublin County Council are delighted to get this motion passed.

“The Brexit result raises the prospect of the six counties being taken out of the EU, against the will of a majority. The fact that Britain voted to leave the European Union must lead to a vote on a united Ireland.

“Economically, the north and south of this island are interlinked and interdependent. Conservative estimations report that 200,000 jobs depend on all-Ireland trade.

“The reality of Brexit is that we now have 26 counties within the European Union and six counties outside. The consequences of this are self-evident in terms of the border and partition.

“Contradicting views on Brexit’s implication on the common travel area between the 26 counties and the partitioned 6 counties in tandem with the prospect of the return of a hard Border on the island, have created fears not just for the border counties but for the whole 32 counties.

“The truth is that nobody can fully predict the implications on Brexit on Ireland.

“This motion passed today is another reminder to the current Government to call for a border poll under the provisions of the Good Friday agreement. The councillors of South Dublin County Council represent a population of over 265,000 people and today we added the weight of that number to the growing support for a referendum on Irish unity.” 

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